Sunday, December 6, 2009

Climategate still ignored in Swedish media

It has been several weeks since the Climategate scandal broke loose. But in Swedish news papers and news broadcast on both radio and TV, the scandal is not even mentioned! It is completely ignored, or what I fear, it is censored. My interpretation is that the Swedish media does not dare to bring up anything that contradicts the "general consensus" of AGW based on CO2 now that we are closing into the COP15 meeting in Copenhagen next week. After all, until the end of this year Sweden is driving the climate work within the European union.

Just for reference: If I do a search for "Climategate" on Google search today I get 30,7 million results!

The great news about Climategate is that it has been confirmed that there have been major manipulation to the raw temperature data at CRU. But for some strange reason Swedish climate scientist also deny these findings..."move along, nothing to see here". This is truly amazing, or do they just don't understand the impact of the apparent fraud done at CRU?

Someone asked "but if the results and conclusions from CRU have been confirmed by other independent research teams, how have they been able to get the same results without manipulating the data?". The question is valid and I fear that the Climategate scandal will grow and many research teams will be affected.

At least the East Anglia University understands the problem and have started an investigation and also aim at publishing all raw data. The MET also plans to recalculate it's temperature series.

To give some references, I suggest looking at the following two blogs (there are daily updates and many interesting results):
Just to give some example of the findings:
When I started this blog, I asked for all raw data to be published. It seems that I will get what I asked for :-)

My next request is for Swedish climate scientists to make a 180 degree turn and start looking into their own results based on the new raw temperature data. They have to do this really soon before the situation starts to get too embarrassing and before they run out of road to turn on...