Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why is change bad?

The Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change is by some people interpreted as the blog action day against climate changes. I don't understand this. Normally "change" is means something positive, good and natural. But when it comes to the climate, the word change seems to be the worst thing that can happen.

As a result of "climate changes" it has been proposed a lot of things that can go bad:
  • Flooding will get worse
  • Storms will increase
  • More areas will turn into dessert
  • Polar ice will melt
  • The poor people and third world will get hit the worst
But what is the logic behind this? That we have been at an optimum point for our climate and every change will result in a worse climate? I don't think so! The only thing that is sure is that a change will result in something different compared to today. Through history we have learned that empires have grown, had their golden days and died. In many case, maybe in all, these empires golden days have a strong correlation to a good climate (warm weather and much rain) and good harvests.

I'm sure that we will see a lot more climate changes in the future. Of course that many get scared about this fact. Me too. What if my hometown would no longer be a place where it's possible to live? We actually had such occasions in Sweden's history not too long ago. In the 19th century there were several years with bad harvests and many people emigrated to north America.

My conclusions is: There will be changes in the world due to climate changes, regardless if AGW is true or not, let's make our best to cope with the situation!

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