Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who can we trust?

(This is a part of the Blog action day 2009: Climate change)

I you ask me "who can we trust when it comes to information about climate changes?", I would happily answer no one!

From all the blogs, articles etc that I have been reading, there have been tons of lies, false information and a lot of incorrect conclusions. Does this mean that this blog is the only one you can trust? NO, you can' must actually think for yourself and if you have any ideas that can contribute to my understanding, please contact me. In the end, we are all living on the same Earth. I don't think the Earth is "dying" due to climate changes, but I think we as humans have a lot of challenges a head of us in order to be able to live well in peace and freedom on this Earth.

Just to give you some ideas of the contradictions that can be found:
  • Here is a video showing that CO2 absorbs heat radiation (infra red radiation). Ok, that is fine there is no problem accepting that fact and anyone can reproduce that experiment with the same result. However, CO2 only absorbs certain wave lengths of the IR radiation according to this web page. That last fact is harder for "anyone" to reproduce, but still not a problem to verify. So, what does this give us? We have an educational video that shows an invalid experiment in order to confuse us?
  • What happens if someone is questioning the "truth"? Have a look at this video, it speaks for itself.
  • It has also been identified that data used by IPCC has been seriously flawed and manipulated. For Swedish readers I could also suggest reading this.
So, I only have two simple requests to everyone working with climate:
  1. Please publish all raw data about the climate without any manipulation or modification.
  2. Don't lie!
Can you believe that maybe the last 10 years of research could be completely wasted due to manipulated data and people telling lies? Let us hope that it isn't that bad and that truth will prevail...soon!

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