Thursday, October 15, 2009

My position about climate changes

Welcome to the Blog action day 2009: Climate change!

I would like to give my position about "climate change" in this blog, in a few words:
  • I consider climate change on Earth a natural thing. Looking at history we see that there have been colder periods (with ice age) and there have been warmer periods.
  • I think it is extremely complicated to model or describe all the details the influences the climate. On a global scale, there are probably thousands of different parameters that needs to be considered just to make a rough usable model.
  • I think human can to some extent influence the climate locally.
  • I don't think CO2, as a green house gas, is contributing significantly to the measured global warming seen in the end of the 20th century.
  • I think that any attempt by human to actively change the climate by some new technology will almost certainly fail. History shows that we rarely know enough about things until we have done the mistakes.
  • I'm very concerned about pollution in our environment, how we should be able to feed all people in the future, how we can help exposed people in the third world etc. But this has nothing to do with climate changes.
I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs about the climate!

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