Monday, November 16, 2009

Why are we always 10 years from doomsday?

It is always interesting to make a historic inventory of different claims about the climate: "Not again! Another 10-year tipping point issued".

One way of interpreting the history is that we have never known enough. Do we know enough today? Well, if you look at this video you will see that there are thousands of scientists working on various aspects of our climate and describe and model the behavior of the climate: Rachel Pike: The science behind a climate headline. I must admit, it's a stunning presentation!

But some claim that not all scientists are allowed to influence the work in UN and IPCC. Some of the papers written by other scientists have been collected here: Reference: 450 skeptical peer reviewed papers.

It is very strange, that given that we almost certainty do not know enough about the climate and what drives the climate, why are some scientists not allowed to provide their input?

In a Swedish blog, Lars Bern asks if AGW and IPCC is a way for the UN to get a new level of control over the world and if this is based on one of the biggest attempt to fraud in human history?

Well, it is a valid question!

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