Saturday, November 21, 2009

Climat scientists in complete denial?

One thing that is very troublesome is the way climate scientists supporting AGW is acting in blogs and on internet forums. I just can't understand the behavior. Let me give an example:

In my previous blog "Why are we always 10 years from doomsday?" I got a comment with a link to "Poptart’s 450 climate change Denier lies". Ok, so I started to read that blog. What is the first impression? There is no interest what-so-ever to find the truth about climate changes. All that is stated is that people that are not in favor of AGW are deniers and the list of articles is irrelevant.

I simply can't understand the reason to this mindset towards other scientists and also general public that would like to know more about the climate changes and the reason why climate changes are occurring. There seems to be no interest to find any alternative explanation to climate changes than AGW and CO2. Thus I would say that most climate scientists active today are deniers, they don't want to find the real reason for climate changes!

There have been many suggestions that climate data have been manipulated. When a "hacker" revealed emails and other documents from some of the more prominent AGW "scientists" it is quite obvious what is going on. My conclusions so far (based on the many blog posts on the subject):
  • Among these "scientists" there is no interest to find any alternative explanation to climate changes than CO2.
  • Anyone not in favor of AGW must be discredited and not allowed to publish any papers or articles. Some "scientists" are even happy and cheering when "opponents" die!
  • The climate changes reported by IPCC and in recent year are mostly man made, i.e., they do not exist in the way they are described but constructed from manipulated data.
What is most disturbing about this? There may actually be real climate changes going on that threatens human life on the Earth, but we will not know about it! Since every scientist that are allowed to publish papers and get funding is in favor of AGW and not trying to find any other alternative explanation.

Therefor, I would say that every climate scientist active today is as trustworthy as any successful professional cyclist from the 90's when saying that they have never been using doping.

My conclusion: Every paper ever published on climate changes are potentially (or most likely) wrong!

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