Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm puzzeled about growing ice and increased sea level

There are some new interesting blog posts that I have read during the last week. But when you put them together, I don't get the logic to make sense:
I will have to read these blogs again and look into the background material. But it is very strange that the AGW theory results in extended snow cover on the winter (i.e., on the northern hemisphere the snow cover will go further south) and on Antarctica the sea ice will extend. In the last blog in the list, it is said that global sea level will rise maybe 3 meters until 2105, i.e., faster rise than predicted by IPCC. This doesn't make sense to me.

Please note, the second blog is about sea ice which will not affect the sea level since the ice is already in the water. But if the sea ice extends it will be harder for the land ice to melt and perhaps it will even increase due to increase in snow fall?

Anyone who would care to enlighten me? ;)

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