Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where is all the warming?

If we look at what IPCC states there is approximately an 1.5 W/m2 more energy coming into the Earth than is going out. Looking at the climate widget in my blog you will see that the temperature anomaly for January 2010 is 0.72C, which is record high. There have never been any measurements that have shown this high temperature on Earth! This seems logical, we have a huge inflow of energy and this warms the Earth and the atmosphere.

But when you start to look into actual surface measurements. There are many open questions and the uncertainties about the quality of the measurements are troublesome. There are a lot of people out there doing sanity checks of the temperature data and for every day that passes by, new errors are found. In another blog today I found "It is increasingly apparent that we do not even know how much the world has warmed in recent decades, let alone the reason(s) why. It seems to me we are back to square one."

How on earth are we able to have a fruitful discussion about our climate? Do we know anything about the climate at all?

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